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“The crowds roll by,
and I’m falling in
Everyone’s invisible,
it’s just pretend” – Break the Same, Mute Math

Let’s get real here, I have some pretty high self-importance or pride – call it what you will but that doesn’t mean that my faith in myself is unwavering, far from it. I question myself, my actions and my thought processes on a fairly regular basis. The world is a big place and I am just one person – that’s what we all tell ourselves right? Others, tell themself something quite different. They are the star of the show, and this big ol’ planet? It’s their own personal concert grounds for a weekend-long festival celebrating them! Myself? I think I hang around the middle somewhere – as important as my own solo act may be to ME, everyone is integral to making the concert worth going and it being an enjoyable experience.

Think about KISS. Yes, the band. When you think of them WHO do you think of first? And would they be as cool solo?

They are all key players, but together they are KISS. Their solo acts, imo, are not as awesome as the all of them together.

“…different worlds and different hearts and different souls and different parts. And we all, we all break the same.” – Mute Math

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I have had massive urges to blog more but you know what gets in the way? Doing stuff that is totally blog-worthy. Go figure.

It’s already 1/4 into March and it’s been packed tighter than, well insert some cool derby pack reference here and you know what I mean. Think MTL’s Skids On The Block – just that busy of colours and eye boggling to watch play roller derby.

Non roller derby related activities have been really fun adult stuff like seeing my accountant to sort out my taxes as well as my Dad’s. My Dad died in 2009 and it’s been a bit of a mind-fuck. Roller derby has been my rock. Phew! I also have had the pleasure of visiting a lawyer to sort out my old man’s estate and prepare for my own inevitable kicking of the bucket. This weather is certainly not helped, bloody gloomy. But you know what, as soon as I think about skating, or putting my babies on I know it will all roll out alright.

Our crew, the West End Waywards Rollerskating Association has been increasing in membership and all the documents required for a Not For Profit Incorporation are well underway with a lot of assistance from Rollergettes roller derby skaters. It will be really nice to lock down all this stuff so that WEWRA can move onto creating another rollerskating crew – non-roller derby too!

If you haven’t already, please visit facebook and follow on twitter! If you want sweet derby and rollerskating action don’t forget YouTube. WEWRA will have a more constructed website by the end of the month so if you’re interested peek at it to see what’s coming Smile

And don’t forget to add the Rollergettes home game dates as well as the annual Skate-A-Thon for the Canadian Cancer Society all happening at George Bell Arena, 215 Ryding Avenue – Dundas & Keele-ish

Skate-A-Thon ~ Saturday MAY 7



“second Saturday of every month”

Game 1 May 14

Game 2 June 11

Game 3 July 9

Game 4 Aug 13

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The Sk8 Beast Within

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                                                                                       GoldieLock'N'Load -

“Monster” The Automatic Automatic – Karl G Remix

Brain fried tonight through misuse
Through misuse, through misuse
You can’t avoid static abuse
Abuse, abuse

Without these pills you’re let loose
You’re let loose, you’re let loose
Stand up, get out, no excuse
No excuse, no excuse

What’s that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
What’s that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
What’s that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
What’s that coming over the hill?

Confused, mind bruised, it seeps out
It seeps out, it seeps out
Face down, home town looks so grey
Looks so grey, looks so grey

Convexed you bend, twist and shout
Twist and shout, and shout
Stand up, brush off, get moving
Get moving, get moving

What’s that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster?

Face down, home town, face down, home town
Face down, home town, it looks so grey

What’s that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster?

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Well, can I just say…that was A…MAZING! And, three hours goes by HELLA fast man.

So let me get back to a full recap of the day…

Totally stayed up late streaming Jersey Shore and letting my energy level replenish itself on the Jersey Shore app that I am using on – yea, totally a follower. MEGA UBER GUILTY PLEASURE ALERT. Anyway, I blame that as the reason I was not easily pulled from my sheets at 11:30am. Still a late hour, is not good, but that just highlights how late I was up. Brutal. Anyway, UP and AT ‘EM!

Throw the remainder of my gear together, the new binder I have for keeping Sundays organised. It is a sub section of a larger binder that’s how real this whole rollerskating association is, yowza. SirRefsALot and Katnip swing by my place and I battle snowbanks and throw myself and all my sherpa skate baggage with me. We roll on to Mitzi’s Sister where we chat about how WEWRA skate sessions are laid out, training, goals all that go-getter kinda stuff. No seats cuz that place has amazeballs brunch so not totally surprised so we saddled up to the bar when along came Kick Axe. Food ordered, chatting, chuckles, I know how you feel man moments, The Simpsons references and the sweet realisation of a super-tight-on-the-same page mindset sinks in for all of us. A…MAZING.

BRB… Gonna watch some Jersey Shore.


We had a few people contact us over our “off-season” so here is what I have been telling them how it went down…

Hey! Just checking in to see how rollerskating is coming along for you?!

This is GoldieLock’N'Load hitting you back. I’m back from New Zealand now and the West End Waywards Rollerskating Association is well underway which includes the women’s roller derby team, Rollergettes.

If you are still interested in rollerskating to get fit and perhaps further your interest either through recreational roller derby or roller dance routines then Sunday Skate Sessions are for you!

Our first one of the season received comments such as…
"Woohoo… Awesome practice today!!!",
"I liked it too! We did great, cuz we are awesome." and
"Is so sore from the first derby practice of the season yesterday. It hurts so good…".

We worked on skating stance, posture, use of upper body with arm movement, crossovers, putting power behind your pushes, how-to-fall and effectively recover. This allowed some of our skaters that are interested in playing roller derby this season could be evaluated for the additional skill of taking & receiving hits. It was pretty fun because we worked on some derby knowledge/strategy and discussed the Cutting Penalty as per the current WFTDA ruleset.

This coming Sunday we will continue with skating ability skills including endurance. Skater logsheets will be available to track personal bests. Also on the planner for WEWRA skaters will be ‘in-motion stretching’ – which can be spruced up for some flare moves on the track or when participating in other skate-based events.

If you need any more info, drop a line and maybe come out to the Rollergettes team practice on Thursday or the 13th for the next WEWRA Sunday Skate Session at Parkdale CRC.

Roll on,

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.”


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I am a female, my gender had to fight for the right to vote.

When you look up Woman in Wikipedia, this is one of the few images that one is greeted with:

< — go on click it, see for yourself.

If you think THAT is interesting check out

When you have a vagina you tend to act like it. You internalise feelings and sensations, unlike the penis counterpart that generally let’s it all hang out, if you will pardon the pun.
Femininity, Feminism, Feminist. Effeminate.
Now, if you have an inquiring mind, you might want to look up each of those words in sequence.


Then, for going and doing all that extra curricular learning why not treat yourself to a cleft of venus for yourself?!?! Heck, you’ve earned it. All you need to do is Google these words:
derivatives of female -rat language

Something tells me you won’t click the first link. And if you don’t TOO distracted, come on back to reading this blog entry, watch a bit of Chappelle and listen to the theme tune to this entry. All of that goodness is just below…

If you’ve ever visited my personal profile page on facebook, you might have noticed I have ‘Dave Chappelle’ under Politics, Info.           

For a boy to look like a girl is degrading. Cuz you think that being a girl is degrading. Secretly, you’d love to know what it feels like for a girl…wouldn’t you?

“Are sane, sexy, single girls extinct?”     – Profile Headline 

     Hear the theme tune to this blog entry.                     CLICK BELOW TO STREAM


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NOW! What’s Happening.

Huzzah, I can access my blog again with some bells and whistles! Keep an eye on more updates from my blog about the following hot topics with West End Waywards Rollerskating Association and the women’s roller derby team, Rollergettes. Hells to the ya ya.

There’s a 2011 Planning Overview meeting at Shox’s on Thursday, February 3 from 7-9pm, here are some of the main agenda topics, I can post the full agenda for anyone curious later….

WEWRA Logo                    !!! Picking a date for WEWRA’s AGM !!!

+Setting dates, locations & agendas for future meeting

-bout production, officials relations, volunteer coordinating, promotions etc.


+Setting deadlines for final draft of constitution & bylaws

-WEWRA is now legit and recognised as an official not-for-profit organised with government accountability

-serious business yet oh so exciting to be a part of this!


+Reviewing team policies and setting deadlines for revisions

- team requirements regarding practices, attendance

- WEWRA vs. WEWRA’s Rollergettes

- no fraternising vs. pre-nup policy (what did Goldie learn abroad?! Angel)
- among other streamlining measures so we are all on the same page…same expectations to maintain honeymoon elation

+Reviewing roles & responsibilities and setting deadlines for revisions
Board members… treasurer, secretary, defining membership
- Coordinators…merchandising, promotions, volunteers, online marketing, interleague activities

+Reviewing 2011 calendar: HOME games, AWAY games, Camps & Clinics, Tournaments…
- pretty self explanatory… cool events on the radar and more on the way!

+Open Discussion [recruitment, reffing, NSOs, marketing, publicity, charity work, community development, concerns, questions, etc.]
- miscellany that may not get addressed at this gathering, but tabled for future meetings

THEN? What Happened?!

So much happened since my last post, from an idea to full bouting reality, I can’t wait to share flashbacks of how WEWRA and Rollergettes got from our yesterdays to our todays.

Look for “flashback 2010” tags


A tag you’ll start to see is the following … “geek speak & nerdy stuff”

If these topics get you hot, stay tuned. I will documenting updates to the official website(s) , social networks, talk about plugins and apps that I am using. You might be interested to know that one of the cool things coming up on the official website will be a forum – I have decided to use myBB for this purpose. And now, for my blogs and I using Windows Live Writer happily adding plugins along the way. I use FileZilla to FTP the shizz. When I do stuff for GoldieLockNLoad, I use Mozilla’s FireFox, when I make online updates for Rollergettes, I use Google’s Chrome.

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Almost there…

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precision, determination, essential, confident, natural, tenacious, fearless, leaders, dynamic, athleticism, aggressive, awesome…just some of the words used to describe Rollergettes over the last week by observers.

Playing roster …

Black The Ripper 1
C-Section 9 1/2 months
Crystal Mess 587
GoldieLock’N'Load 42
JJ Bladez 5
Katnip 1/2 oz.
KiMY La Cazadora 13
Knina Knuckles 33
Knoccer Mom 909
Nurse Knockaround 911
Punkii BrüzHer 83
Roadside Bombshel 3165

See you at George Bell Arena!

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According to Urban Dictionary: Definition of FRIENEMY

  • One who is your friend, but has an on and off relationship of being your enemy as well.
  • A frienemy is someone, who is your friend but also an enemy.
    It is a word between love and hate.
  • Friend + Enemy = frienemy

I just officially sent out invitations for roller derby skaters around Toronto to come play against Rollergettes. Playing the game will be fun with the group who (whom?) I sent out to. They all effin’  LOVE derby in their own way and it’d be amazing to showcase it with such a mixed bag of talent.

Here’s what I sent about 30 gals I know…

You are receiving the ‘official’ invitation to play against the Rollergettes at our Inaugural “bout” on Saturday, May 15! I’ve either spoken to you about this previously and you were keen; you have already expressed your support of the new team or someone put in a good word for ya! I am looking to confirm our ‘rival’ roster so that we can get the programme finalised and we need to confirm your commitment to play this game.

We are looking to expose the entire Toronto derby community at the May 15 event by inviting a blend of the Toronto leagues to play against us. Essentially it will work like a RollerCon scrimmage – the “FRIENEMIES” (you and other non-Rollergettes) will play against us. I encourage you to wear your league’s logo on your shirt, preferably an all black outfit.

As you know Rollergettes are a totally new team but do have a handful of players that have bouted before so we are looking to play against skaters who will abide by the no-douchebag rule. If you are a captain and have some rookies that you think have just the right attitude for this event, we’d be more than happy to see them on the FRIENEMY roster :)

If you have any further questions, please call me at 647.290.GWEN (4936)

This is first come, first serve! Really looking forward to this exhibition event and get everyone pumped for a 2010 full of roller derby.


We are looking forward to you kicking our ass.

Thanks for your support,

NOTE: Must have RSC or CWRDA coverage for 2010.
P.S. Please post the message to your communication board that we are looking for volunteers and/or refs to complete our numbers.

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I’ll have a lot of footage up on my YouTube Channel soon from this event. Right now, I am AT the event!

I just vlogged a clip, you can check it out on USTREAM and the YouTube Channel as well… am getting better at this thing – I promise!

Right now Montreal is SPANKING Vancouver. I’m gonna go out for a puff during this halftime break, train the lungs…ahem.

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